The amount of magnets used in automobiles is astonishing

- Mar 15, 2019-

According to statistics, each car USES 17 pieces of permanent magnets NdFeB. Luxury cars are used more often. Each luxury car has more than 70 permanent magnets. In 1997, about 160,000 tons of permanent magnets were used in automobiles worldwide, which increased to 240,000 tons in 2002. Now as the number of cars increases, so does the number of magnets.

Electric car industry, electric buses, and luxury cars from pure gasoline power into a petrol-electric hybrid. This greatly reduces automobile exhaust emissions and increases the use of magnets in the automotive field.

GM, Ford, Chryster, Volkswagen, Honda, Nessan and Mazida are setting up electric vehicle production lines. The use of permanent magnets in the automotive field is very surprising. Fewer electric cars entered the market in 1998. It is estimated that the NdFeB permanent magnet material used for each electric vehicle's permanent magnet motor is about 3~ 5kg. By 2005 and 2010, the demand for the NdFeB permanent magnet material used for electric vehicle's permanent magnet motor reached to 1080 Ton and 4200Ton respectively. In addition, the developing electric motorcycle and electric bicycle also need a considerable number of permanent magnet materials.

Because NdFeB material price is high, more and more car companies use ferrite magnet instead of NdFeB, Flexible Magnets are also more and more widely used in the middle of the car industry.