TDK to Show High-sensitivity Magnetometric Sensor

- Apr 11, 2019-

TDK Corp prototyped a magnetometric sensor with a sensitivity as high as 1mV/nT and will exhibit it at Ceatec Japan 2014, which will take place from Oct 7 to 11, 2014, in Chiba Prefecture, Japan.

With its expected high sensitivity of several picotesla (pT), it can contactlessly detect, for example, magnetic ink printed on paper money. On the other hand, existing magnetometric sensors need to touch magnetic ink.

TDK employed a GMR (giant magneto-resistance) device for the sensor. And it considers that it is possible to realize a higher-sensitivity sensor by replacing the GMR device with a TMR (tunnel magneto-resistance) device. Such a sensor might be able to detect a magnetic field as weak as several femtotesla (fT), the company said.

TDK defines the new magnetometric sensor as a next-generation product and plans to commercialize it within five years.

TDK has already commercialized an angle sensor using a TMR device. The company started to mass-produce it in April 2014. Currently, TDK is shipping samples of a product that contains a TMR device and signal-processing ASIC in one package. Its angular accuracy is ±0.2°.