TDK Boosts Magnetic Permeability of Noise Reduction Sheet

- May 01, 2019-

TDK Corp announced that it has developed a magnetic sheet used as a measure against electromagnetic noise generated by electronic devices and will start volume production in September 2015.


TDK realized the industry's highest-level magnetic permeability by making improvements to materials and production processes. Even when the thickness of the new magnetic sheet is about 20% less than that of the previous product, it is possible to realize an equivalent performance, the company said. This is the first time in five years that the company has released a new magnetic sheet of this type.

The magnetic sheet is expected to be used for designing smartphones, tablet computers and other multifunctional mobile devices. Those devices are becoming thinner but more multifunctional using NFC (near field communication) and non-contact power supply function. And efficient anti-noise measures are being required.

When the magnetic sheet is placed inside the shield of a substrate, near a cable/connector, etc, it reduces values related to radiated electromagnetic noise. TDK aims to respond to the needs of device makers by releasing products with higher properties.

The magnetic permeability of the new product is 220 at a frequency of 1MHz, which is higher than that of the previous product (about 180). The company attributes it to the improved materials and production processes but has not disclosed the details. The thickness of the sheet is 30μm or 50μm in accordance with the needs of designers.

In addition to the insides of smartphones and tablet computers, the new product is expected to be used for improving the sensitivity of electromagnetic styluses. It is manufactured at TDK's base in China at a scheduled production rate of 50,000 units per month at first.