Still hanging pictures on nails? so low, Look at this magnetic picture frame

- Mar 07, 2019-

Recently, some clients asked NEWLIFE about the magnetic wall. More and more people want to design a magnetic wall at home, which is creative and convenient.


The first method: magnetic wallpaper

This magnetic wallpaper is made from paper or cloth or PVC and other materials in a Flexible iron sheet layer or Flexible magnets layer, combined with adhesive.

This wallpaper not only keeps the advantages of traditional paper or PVC wallpaper, such as softness and good decoration, but also adds new functions to the traditional wallpaper, making the wall wall magnetic force. We can easily affix or take off the decorations or pictures with flexible iron sheet.

The wallpaper is very suitable for children's room. It is colorful, colorful and easy to install. You can do it on your own. And can use together with magnetic photograph frame, also can write, satisfy the child day horse line daydream draws the desire that draw.

There is another magnetic blackboard wall, also very suitable for children room use. It is like a small blackboard on which children can write with chalk.


The second method: magnetic primer

This magnetic primer can be used with chalkboard paint to create a magnetic surface with a light brush that can be applied to flat or curved surfaces.

The third method: magnetic soft whiteboard/blackboard

The above two methods to be completed in the decoration, but if the decoration did not expect, after the occupancy just want to do, can also be transformed into a magnetic wall.

The third method: flexible magnetic whiteboard/blackboard

Above two kinds of methods should be finished when decorating. If you do not use the above two solutions when the decoration, after you want to do a magnetic wall, you can also upgrade a magnetic wall.

The base material of this product is very thin and light, and flexible magnet is used. It can absorb magnetic buckle of magnet and be swabbed several times, which is very convenient to install. This kind of whiteboard can only use special whiteboard marker or water-based marker.