Some questions of Magnetic chalkboard

- Sep 13, 2018-

Question 1: is it necessary to buy children's magnetic chalkboard wall stickers?

In fact, my own idea is relatively simple, I think the baby needs a place to paint. If there is a proper wall in the house and a baby with a strong desire to paint, there is no need to consider whether to buy or not. All that remains is to choose a relatively safe and environmentally friendly home chalkboard.

As far as I know, there are two kinds of magnetic chalkboards on the market: double layer and single layer. What I have bought is "magnetic good home" double-layer children magnetic blackboard wall paste, the use feeling is not bad, the magnetism is very firm, installation is also very convenient, deserve to go up the business clean chalk, more let me at ease let the child heartily draw graffiti in front of clean blackboard.

Question 2: is it difficult to teach through lively activities?

It's actually not that hard to see the problem that always seems to bother mom. I've posted 26 letters of video in my mother's group, and people have asked me how to do it, thinking I'm working hard. Actually not, there is no great wisdom, just playing while learning. I bought 26 letters of magnetic blackboard stickers, which are combined with the family blackboard, to accompany the child to play, so that he can learn naturally in play, stimulate his interest and improve his learning ability.

Question 3: the magnetic blackboard wall sticker is only suitable for children?

Remember a children's song: "the teacher's chalk on the blackboard, but also in a desperate gibberish.......... Waiting for school, waiting for play. Our youth, are a good memory, everyone has a blackboard, chalk different story.

Needless to say, when your baby is scribbling on a clean blackboard, you will want to pick up the chalk, pick up the magnet and play with it. In fact, home blackboard for themselves, as if a whole childhood memories, perhaps this is our adult world of a small happiness.