Some Glossaries of Flexible Magnets 3

- Jul 10, 2019-


A material that has the property, either natural or induced, of attracting iron or steel.


(non-oriented) A material with no preferred direction of orientation resulting in the same magnetic characteristics through any axis.


(oriented) A material that has a preferred direction of magnetic orientation which produces superior magnetic characteristics through a particular axis.

Intrinsic Coercive Force, Hci

Measurement of magnetic material's inherent ability to resist self demagnetization.


Indicates the change in magnetic strength between points measured at different distances perpendicular to the magnetic field.


An instrument used to measure the intensity of a magnetic field.


The unit of magnetic induction or magnetic flux density used to measure magnetic field strength (lines of magnetic flux per square centimeter).


Another term for the magnetic field.

Demagnetizing Force

A magnetized force applied in a direction that reduces the field in a magnetized material.

Curie Temperature

The temperature that a magnetic substance loses its magnetic properties.

Coercive Force, Hc

The intensity of a magnetic field required to reduce to zero the residual magnetism of a substance.

Air Gap

The distance between the north and south poles of a magnetic circuit. In conducting pull tests this is the distance between the working surface of the magnet and the testing apparatus.