Some Glossaries of Flexible Magnets 2

- Jul 09, 2019-

Maximum Operating Temperature

The maximum temperature a magnet can withstand without significant long range instability or structural changes.

Maximum Energy Product, (BH)max

The point on the BH curve where the product of B and H is a maximum and the required volume of magnet material required to project a given energy into its surroundings is a minimum. Measured in MGOe.

Magnetic Saturation

The maximum amount of magnetic energy that can be absorbed by a magnetic substance.

Magnetic Orientation

Determines the magnetic polarity and position of one magnet pole to the other.

Magnetic Lines of Force

A series of invisible lines passing from one pole to another of a magnet, which taken together form the magnetic field.

Magnetic Induction, B

The production of magnetic properties in a magnetizable substance when placed in a magnetic field.

Magnetic Flux

The total magnetic induction across or through a specified area.

Magnetic Field

The space around a magnet in which the magnetic force can be detected.