Soft Magnetic Alloy, Super Permalloy for Matching and Sealing with The Hard Glass

- Aug 13, 2019-

Product Description

Typical Mechanical properties
Yield strengthTensile StrengthElongation

Typical Physical properties
Density (g/cm3)8.2
Electrical resistivity at 20oC(mm2/m)0.45
Coefficient of linear expansion(20oC~200oC)X10-6/oC-
Saturation magnetostriction coefficient λθ/ 10-625,0
Curie point Tc/ oC400

The magnetic properties of alloys with high permeability in weak fields
1J46Initial permeabilityMaximum permeabilityCoercivitySaturation magnetic induction intensity
Сold-rolled strip/ sheet.
Thickness, mm
μ0.08/ (mH/m)μm/ (mH/m)Hc/ (A/m)BS/ T
0.02~0.04 mm1.622.532.0

0.1~0.19 mm2.531.320.0
0.2~0.34 mm3.137.516.0
0.35~2.50 mm3.545.012.0
8-100 mm2.531.316.0
Mode of heat treatment
Annealing mediaVacuum with a residual pressure not higher than 0.1Pa, hydrogen with a dew point of not higher than minus 40 oC.
The heating temperature and rate1100~1150oC
Holding time/h3~6
Cooling rateWith 100 ~ 200 oC/ h cooled to 600 oC, Rapid cooling to 300 baked

Style of supply
WireD= 0.1~8mm
StripW= 8~390mmT= 0.3mm
FoilW= 10~100mmT= 0.01~0.1
BarDia= 8~100mmL= 50~1000