Rubber Magnetic Sheets Use for Photo Paper Flexible Magnet Paper with PVC Coating

- Jan 30, 2020-

Product Description


Product Specifications/Features:

1.Ink-jet printer specialty-purpose magnetic paper, vivid color output, fidelity to original photos, clear-cut and natural lines, on a par with fancy photo paper.

2.This product can be directly attached on any iron surface such as refrigerators, whiteboards, iron cabinets, etc.

3.DIY tailor-made sizes available.

4.Fancy photo magnetic paper, directly printing, tailoring for time-saving and cost-efficiency.

5.Birthday, traveling, graduated classmate get-togethers, optimized long-lasting souvenirs.

6.Direct output of creations, advertisements and drawings. Backside combined with soft magnet for long-lasting collection.

7.The finished can be directly attached on iron surfaces such as blackboards, whiteboards, etc.

**** A4 size Magnetic Paper matt finish (297mmx 210mm) Inkjet printers only ****
Length297 mm (11.69 ")
+/- 0.2mm manufacturing tolerance
Width210 mm (8.26 ")
+/- 0.2mm manufacturing tolerance
Thickness0.25mm (0.01 ")
Weight250 g
GradeCeramic 1 (MGOe 0.85)
CoatingStandard A4 white matt finish paper (not water proof)
Maximum Temp50C / 122F

? Idealforofficeandhomeuse
? Reproductionofhighresolutionimages

? Attachestoallmagneticmetalsurfaces
? Cutseasilywithscissors
? Compatiblewithallinkjetprinters
? Instantdry
? Highlydurableandwaterresistanttechnology

Make your own magnetic cards and pictures with this fantastic paper. It works on all inkjet printers (IMPORTANT: not for use with laser printers).

Design your item, then print it out, it couldn't be any easier. The paper is 0.25mm thick and can be very easily cut with sharp scissors or a craft knife. Being magnetic, it will stick to any ferrous surface such as a fridge, dishwasher, oven fascia, washing machine, radiators, magnetic whiteboards etc.

Here are just some of the ways we could think of to use it:
? Put your favourite photos straight onto your fridge without needing separate fridge magnets.
? Keep those important business charts and reports at hand on your magnetic whiteboard without obscuring information in the corners with whiteboard magnets
? Plumbers and Heating engineers - why not make up some magnetic business cards and leave one on the boiler or fridge of any house you visit?
? Do you have a takeaway restaurant? Why not print your menu on magnetic paper so you potential clients can put it straight on their fridge?
? Getting married? Having a christening, bar mitzvah or big party? Make a little magnetic card with the place, date and time on it for your guests.
? Help your child with words by printing out some common words and cutting them into blocks, a bit like the magnetic poetry sets which are available.
? Make a weather and date chart for your child by printing weather symbols, days and dates and then cutting them up.
? Are you a keen cook? Do you have problems remembering temperature, weight and liquid volume conversions? Print them out and keep them to hand!
? Do you have problems finding or remembering with useful contact numbers? Why not print them out and keep them on your fridge!

*** Rubber Magnets ***
 As a composite material, rubber magnet is made by mixing ferrite powder with rubber and finished through extrusion or rolling.
* Since the material is flexible, the finished or semi-finished product can be cut, punched, slitted or laminated tailed to specific need.
* It has good resistance to demagnetization and corrosion.
* Abundant source makes it cheap in price.
* There are two major types of rubber magnets: Isotropic and Anisotropic.
Isotropic rubber magnet is weak in magnetic property, mainly used in refrigerator, printing, and promotion, while anisotropic rubber magnet is much stronger, thus extensively applied in micro motor and magnetic toys, etc.