Quick Changing Graphics for Interior solutions

- Jul 06, 2019-

Our magnetic, quick change graphics system was designed for retailers to quickly and easily update their in-store displays with only 1 staff member needed for the task. The system however, is perfect for imaginative interior projects.

The magentic wall will allow you to hang full wall-sized graphics and images (like wallpaper), or even just create a magnetic surface for your clients to hang their own artwork, posters or signs.

There are 2 ways to achieve this effect, combining a receptive surface (magnetic paint or flexible iron) with printed magnetic sheets or alternatively, a magnetic surface with printed receptive material .

Simply print onto magnetic paper or our larger magnetic sheets and place them against the wall. When your client is bored with artwork or if a printed sign/calendar has served it’s purpose, they can simply pull it off the wall and replace it with something else.

Magnetic walls are great in children’s rooms as you can create some amazing ways for them to play – a few ideas you could go with:

Magnetic racetrack

A magnetic chessboard

Magnetic wall map with memo magnets to highlight places they’re learning about or have visited

For an imaginative designer, the possibilities are exciting and you can introduce your clients into some very special and very different.