Promotional Self-Adhesive Removable Blackboard Sticker of China

- Aug 28, 2019-

Product Description

Create a writing surface almost anywhere you want with self-adhesive chalkboard! This self-adhesive chalkboard sticker works like real chalkboards. Apply the shelf sticker to any smooth surface and start getting creative! And if you need to make a change, just wipe it clean. With a self-adhesive backing, simply cut to size or shape, peel, and stick. It works best on smooth, non-textured surfaces. It can be used on smooth horizontal or vertical painted surfaces although it was not designed to be used as a wall paper. Chalkboard sticker can be removed leaving no sticky residue. It can also be repositioned. 
MaterialPVC,and Eco-friendly PP is also available
ColorBlack sticker,White sticker,Green sticker
PackageRoll,CPP film,Gift Box
Free Chalk5 chalks for black and green chalkboard,1 liquid pen for white chakboard

Chalkboard sticker will put your creativity to the test! Use in a conference room at school or work. Use in your craft or sewing room to create your own decorative jar labels for storing sewing needs and craft items. Use in the kitchen to label glass or ceramic jars and canisters. Create a grocery list or notepad on the refrigerator. Turn an old picture frame or mirror into a message board by covering the glass with self-adhesive chalkboard. Create a schedule for medication on the medicine cabinet door or mirror in the bathroom. Use in the garage to label cabinet doors, storage containers, or for a maintenance schedule board for the car. Create a decorative wall message banner at a party. Use in weddings to label the "Just Married" get-a-way car! Create signs for garage and household sales. 

3,How to use
Self adhesive chalkboard works best on smooth non-textured solid surfaces. The surface must be clean. Use a liquid cleaner like glass cleaner to clean the surface and wait until the entire surface is dry before adhering your chalkboard liner. Metal, glass, ceramic, or porcelain are all great mounting surfaces. If the desired use is on a textured wall, try mounting the covering to a piece of Masonite first and then hang on the wall. If you prefer to mount self-adhesive chalkboard to a textured wall, it will create a rough writing surface and potentially have poor adhesion. You can mount self-adhesive chalkboard liner on any smooth wood surface. To use, cut to size with scissors and then peel and stick. For writing, use regular white or colored chalk. To erase, a damp cloth works best. 
1Find a smooth and dry surface,use a piece of soft rug to clean it and remove the dusts
2Lift up one corner of the chalkboard paper
3Stick the lift corner to the wall
4Remove the base paper slowly and steadily(to get rid of bubbles)
5Once finished,please use clean dry rug to press the paper,to make it stick sturdy

4,Product features
(1)Works on most any clean, dry, and smooth surface
(2)Easily cuts to fit
(3)Backing paper is printed with grid for guiding straight cuts
(5)Free Chalks