Pop Up with Magnets

- Nov 22, 2019-

By Olivia Cahoon

Banner stands are used to highlight and promote new products and events in a variety of environments. Pop up banner displays allow users to set up and break down the structure in seconds. While traditional methods rely on snap connectors to assemble the frame, newer models feature magnets that keep the frame together and attach the print to the frame.

Portable Displays

Pop up magnetic displays are self-contained backdrops that include an aluminum collapsible frame and graphics pack. They are manufactured with magnetic strips already attached to the frame. The graphic then has a corresponding magnetic tape applied to the frame. For further display purposes, collapsible frames and graphic packs can double as a podium.

Collapsible aluminum frames pack down to a fraction of their size for easy setup without tools. “Pop up banner displays are popular choices featuring magnetic connectors due to their ability to snap together in an instant and to collapse just as easily,” says Natalie Whited, VP, marketing, Orbus Exhibit & Display Group.

Users that require a durable, portable display that includes a simple frame expansion use pop up frames with magnetic connectors. According to Whited, magnetic frame connectors are reliable, durable, hold heavy graphics, snap together easily, and don’t need to be individually locked—saving time.

Pop up displays are used as quick portable booths at trade shows, conventions, and exhibitions. Paul Bryant, director of sales, MT Displays LLC, has also noticed their use to create a small shop concept in places like shopping malls, supermarkets, onsite appearances, and promotions. “With a large graphic area, pop up stands cannot be missed and are an ideal outlet for creative advertising,” he offers.

Usage and Media 

One of the reasons magnets are used as pop up frame connectors is for easy installation. According to Bryant, the banner is stretched tight and flat to minimize any wrinkles for the best look possible. “Fully magnetic panels keep the graphic firm on sturdy aluminum frames. The entire portable display can be set up and taken down within minutes with the help of magnetic connectors automatically snap-locking the panels onto the aluminum frames,” he explains.

Paula Goodelman, VP of sales, Testrite Visual Products, agrees and says magnets are used to make the opening and expansion of the frame fast and easy. “Pop up banner stands are lightweight and portable and can expand from a compact unit into a travel case to a very large display,” she continues.

Magnets are primarily used with rigid graphic substrates like roll-able PVC and PVC-backed fabric panels. “Magnetic strips used for attachment are semi-rigid themselves and cannot be easily folded for storage, making them ideal for use on graphic materials that need to be rolled in order to store or ship,” explains Whited.

Ellen Jonata, representative, Birttani Display Inc., agrees and believes that magnetic pop up connectors provide convenient solutions for end users that allow faster setup without losing the sturdiness of the display. She adds, “if properly stored and maintained, it can last for years.”

According to Mary Geesman, display sales, Paradigm Display Solutions, magnets have been used for many years to attach the graphic panels to the pop up frames. “Magnetic connectors make it easier to reposition the graphic panels than Velcro,” she says.

While magnets are ideal for semi-rigid substrates like PVC, Christian Bahnweg, marketing copywriter, Tex Visions, advises PSPs to consider if a non-rigid material will be used. He says more malleable materials like fabric can cause the magnets to move too much and fall away from the banner entirely. “Magnetic adhesives don’t work well with fabrics or other similar materials, so PSPs need to consider their clients’ media choices before deciding to go with magnetic pop up banners,” advises Bahnweg.

Challenges and Considerations 

When selecting a magnetic pop up display, PSPs should choose a display with overall quality and easy setup and changeover. The display should also complement the graphic and the message to enhance overall appearance.

“You can produce the ultimate graphic, however, if it is in a low-quality stand, it may not serve its purpose because it can fall over,” says Michael Kurilec, managing director, Americas, Expolinc. Lower quality stands may also use lower strength magnets—requiring the end user to purchase new stands. To avoid replacements, some display manufacturers offer lifetime guarantees on stands and designs.

While pop up stands do offer easy setup, users should still handle the displays with care. According to Terry Niedermeyer, president, North America Display Corporation, some people forget to undo the mechanical locking bars during cleanup. As a result, the system can be damaged and the warranty void.

Care should also be taken when attaching the graphic to the display. If the stand requires manual application of the magnetic tape, Kurilec suggests end users apply it properly, ensuring the tape is straight and accurate and to avoid applying it freeform. “That’s why Expolinc offers a magnet tape tool that ensures an accurate and straight application of magnetic tape,” he adds.

To confirm the polarity matches and the magnets attach to the frame, Geesman recommends PSPs use the magnetic tape provided by the frame manufacturer. Without the proper strength, media may not stay attached. She suggests two people set up the frame, lights, and graphics.

When using magnets, it’s also important to consider climate and temperature. If magnets are not kept in a climate-controlled space, the adhesive binding that holds the magnets to the print or frame can grow weaker and fall off, warns Bahnweg.

Pop It Up

Magnetic pop up displays are easily transportable for a variety of environments from trade shows to supermarkets and shopping malls. Unlike traditional pop up frame connectors, magnetic pop up displays connect with magnets for a simplified process of setting up, changing, and adding graphics. Part two of this series highlights available pop up magnet banner stands.