Please do not lift the shielding curtain of the security checking machine

- Mar 02, 2020-

You must know that no matter where you go, you will often see the security check equipment. You will often see people who use their hands to lift the security check curtain and take out their own things. But you know what? That's not right. Today we're going to take a look at the shielding curtain of the security checking machine.

The principle of the shielding curtain device is to X-ray the contents of the suitcase in the form of an image on the screen, in order to timely identify suspicious objects and eliminate possible danger. Although the dose of X-ray radiation in today's security checking machine is low, it generally does not affect human health and does not generally cause radiation contamination of goods and food. However, the internal radiation in the security checking machine is still very high, and still can cause some harm to the human body. That is, if people go directly to the security checking machine, their health will be affected.

According to the report, the radiation of security check curtain basically is two end, namely entrance and exit. Therefore, we should try to avoid directly facing the shielding curtain, do not stay too long in the security checking machine, do not open the shielding curtain, or even put the body into the goods. The correct operation is to wait for the safety items to slip away before they are taken away. When passing through the security screening machine, parents with children should pay special attention to their children, so as not to cause unnecessary harm by raising the shielding curtain curiously, or even drilling into the security screening machine "through" the security screening curtain.

Be sure not to open the shielding curtain when passing through security check, because the shielding curtain is specially designed, not ordinary rubber curtain, is to prevent X ray leak protection device.