Plastic magnetic function and application around us

- Jul 12, 2019-

When it comes to injection molding magnetic, I believe we are all relatively unfamiliar. Because you see the plastic magnetic field is very few places, because these injection magnetic are stored in electrical appliances, motor. So we can not directly see the injection molding magnetic field, but injection molding magnetic field plays a very large role in our side. Today, NEWLIFE will tell you in detail what is injection magnetic, plastic magnetic features? And what role these injection magnets play in our lives. I hope you can understand these functions of injection molding magnetic field.


Injection magnet is a new functional polymer composite material, which is an important basic material in the field of modern science and technology. Compared with sintered magnetic materials, injection magnetic plastic has low density and high impact resistance. Injection magnetic injection magnetic powder content can be used to control, chemical stability, and the use of the advantages of not broken. Can choose nylon, polyphenylene sulfide, elastic plastic and other resins as the base material, and ferrite magnetic powder, ndfeb magnetic powder mix. The plastic is processed by universal injection molding technology. Injection magnet has unique advantages in thin wall preparation, complex shape, radial orientation, high precision magnet and integrated forming. It also has the characteristics of high material utilization rate and high production efficiency. Injection magnet plays a key role in the miniaturization, lightweight, compounding, high efficiency and energy saving of electronic components. To get the most out of the magnetic ring, the cable can be wound several times over the plastic magnetic ring. The more turns, the better the interference suppression effect is for the lower frequency, while the noise suppression effect is weaker for the higher frequency.

Through the introduction of injection molding magnetic basic knowledge, I believe we have a deeper understanding of these injection molding magnetic. However, it is not enough to know this knowledge, because we will encounter many problems in the actual use of injection molding magnetic field. We hope that in the future work, can understand more about the injection molding magnetic knowledge, give full play to the injection molding magnetic maximum role. In this way, we can give full play to the best use effect of injection molding magnet in the process of using our electrical appliances.