- Aug 26, 2019-

Powder Injection Molding (PIM) advantage:
1. high design flexibility
2. abundant raw material choices
3. excellent physical and chemical properties
4. delicate cosmetic
5. high dimension accuracy
6. strong and flexible mass production capability
7. environment friendly manufacturing

MIM VS Machining
? MIM can save raw material and reduce weight.
? MIM injection gate material can be repeatedly used without affecting the product performance,  making high material utilization rate.
? MIM can make complex part by tooling once, reducing post processes.
? MIM can make complex parts which can't be made by machining.

MIM VS Die-Casting
? MIM can make parts with wall as thin as 0.2mm.
? MIM can make parts with better roughness.
? MIM is more suitable to make blind-hole and through-hole.
? MIM has less workload of post processes. 
? MIM can rapidly manufacture low-cost small parts in big quantity.

MIM VS Powdered Metal
? MIM can make more complex parts with less post processes.
? MIM parts have higher density, better corrosion resistance, higher strength and better malleability.
? MIM can make two or more Powdered Metal parts into one MIM part to reduce material and processes.