Ntc Thermsitor Used in Motors

- Aug 14, 2019-

Basic Info

Shape: Laminated Type

Resistance change scale: Linear Scale
Application: Motors

Transport Package: Neutral Packing

Product Description

    Its measurement range is generally -10 ~ +300 oC, can also be done -200 ~ +10 oC, and even can be used for +300 ~ +1200 oC environment for temperature measurement. RT is NTC thermistor; R2 and R3 is the bridge balance resistance; R1 is the starting resistance; R4 is the full scale resistance, the calibration table, also known as the check resistance; R7, R8 and W for the voltage divider, for the bridge to provide a stable DC power supply. R6 is connected in series with the meter head (microampere table), which corrects the scale of the scale and limits the current flowing through the head. R5 is in parallel with the head and protects the unbalanced bridge arm (ie, R1, RT) Into a thermal element RT for the temperature sensor probe.As the thermistor resistance changes with the temperature changes, so that the bridge between the diagonal line between the instructions also change accordingly. This is the thermal The working principle of the resistor thermometer.
  Thermistor thermometer accuracy can reach 0.1 oC, can be as little as 10s. Ittemperature time is not only suitable for granary thermometer, but also can be used in food storage, medicine and health, scientific farming, marine, deep wells, Glaciers and other aspects of temperature measurement.
  Epoxy thermistor is made of NTC chip, epoxy and CP lead wire or enamelled wire by soldering them together and coating soldered part by epoxy . Various epoxy color available and different lead wire diameter available , for example 0.25 ~0.5mm . 
 Epoxy coated, insulated
 Miniature designed and high accuracry,
 Fast response,
 Good stability

 Mainly in motors and battery temperature measuring etc.