Applications of Newlife Magnetic paint

- Apr 06, 2018-

Magnetic paint is actually a kind of ferrous paint, because it always work with magnetic products, so it is widely called magnetic paint. Newlife Magnetic paint is a water base paint recipe, zero VOC zero formaldehyde, in the sample time the there a high quality ferrous powder inside which can apply high strength when work with magnets.

Just like normal latex paint, magnetic paint can put on the wall by brush coating, roller coating and blade coating. Because of it’s high viscosity, Newlife magnetic paint only need one coat, the coating will have enough thickness and can supply enough strength to hold the magnetic stuff.




24 hours after, the magnetic coating will be totally dry, then you can put the colorful cover paint, when the black color of the paint is covered by the surface paint, the wall just looks no different as normal wall, then you can start your DIY ability to decorate your magic wall.


Newlife supply a lot of magnetic thing which can perfectly work on the magnetic wall, such as magnetic wall paper, magnetic photo frame, magnetic photo paper, magnetic letters, magnetic puzzle games, magnetic dry wipe sheets and magnetic chalk board sheets, ect. When you change your design of your wall, it won’t damage the wall.



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