My magnetic soft blackboard

- May 15, 2018-

I am more persistent to home decoration aesthetic feeling. Perhaps it is a strange fate, let me find the magnetic soft blackboard this creative home decoration. After installing, I was like discovered the new world!


A few days ago, friends come to my house, at first glance just found my home baby - magnetic soft blackboard, I are installed in the sitting room, metope is tie-in the distinctive blackboard magnetic stick, make my living room no longer drab. Magnetic soft blackboard not only can install in the sitting room, still can be installed in the kitchen, room, sweet home can be creative infinite at any time.

Nowadays, many families have installed children's soft blackboard for their children. I believe that many parents know that children love painting walls. Childhood is a good time for artistic ability germination and intellectual development. Soft blackboard for children can be used to doodle at home and promote intellectual growth.


NELIFE can not only provide magnetic soft blackboard, but also teaching magnetic green board. As is known to all, green is the natural color of eye protection, magnetic magnetic green good home teaching board, environmental protection, durable, no benzene formaldehyde-free, healthy eye, as the kid's graffiti wall, is also a good choice.