Mini magnetic blackboard

- Jun 20, 2018-

My wife likes simplicity. One thing I don't like about her, though, is that she likes to put stickers on the kitchen and on the walls, and write recipes and "family mottos" and things like that. I don't dislike the way she does it. I can't stand the feeling of a pile of label paper "flying" on the wall. Finally, one day, I received a lot of magnetic mini-blackboards


This magnetic blackboard is a kind of small blackboard which can be attached to the wall directly. Is the most important to me is it glue is strong enough, not like previous post-it notes that "flying with the wind", and won't appear messy, only can let a person feel in more than a picture on the wall. The so-called "blackboard", that nature can be written on these mini work on your behalf, or painting a picture, the wife can change according to the mood is written, the content of the work and collocation of dust-free chalk after we actually use does not produce dust, wipe up very convenient, is a very environmental protection product.

In addition, these magnetic chalkboards come in many shapes, some in the shape of animals, some in the shape of flowers. You can buy your favorite magnetic blackboard according to your own preferences and home decoration style. It's no wonder businesses define the magnetic little black board as the "alien blackboard post". Finally, the magnetic chalkboard the most let me surprise is that it also has the "magnetic", you can put some decorations on absorption, with magnetic work to top of chalk writing and painting appears to be more vivid, three-dimensional between unconsciously added some for home life.