Malachite blue Magnetic chalkboard

- Nov 28, 2019-

Malachite blue Magnetic chalkboard. Make your kids to be a kid painter is so easy!

In the past, I had an impulse to decorate my home in a Mediterranean style, but it didn't work out. I'm getting a little older, but I like to fool around. This time, I decided to add a new treasure for the home -- peacock blue magnetic chalk board, began my small painter road.

I chose to install a clipboard in the hallway between the living room and the living room, which would be my little painting room. The installation method of the chalkboard is very simple, even a decorate "idiot" can make it easily. Just like when we went to the art class at school. A few steps can finish the installation.


Magnetic double-layer structure is very convenient to use, the magnetic base has an adhesive back, it can be directly attached to the wall, no need the nails or glue.

After put the Mag base on the wall,  you can put the chalk board film on the magnet base surface directly, so easy.

Looking at this small work, I felt so satisfied that I could not help trying it out. I squatted on the floor and began to paint.


Use clean water based chalk, the feeling that writes is very fluent, it has no harsh sound,  leave no trace, the feeling is really very clean,also need not worry when you clean the room.

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