Makeup for your wall - magnetic wall design

- Apr 21, 2018-

Most people choose a single white metope when interior design, stiff and have no atmosphere, and have no characteristic. Now NEWLIFE brings you a magnetic wall design to help you get rid of the white wall and give you a warm and romantic nest.


Magnetic metope not only can use in sitting room and bedroom, it is applicable to a lot of scene, be like office, shop adds a piece such metope, work also can have a good mood. The selectivity is very high, have the characteristic wall stick, it is very characteristic, you can customize according to your preference, or according to the home decoration style to choose appropriate characteristic wall stick. There are also special magnetic wall stickers, which requires your imagination. The last one is a magnetic wall of art, and it's a dream of the literary youth, and it adds a touch of artistic touch to your cabin.

Magnetic metope design can not only make your cabin glow, but also decorate function. This product can also be multi-purpose, the family has the baby's doodle wall, let the baby happy play. You can also use it as a drawing board. It's very practical. And the magnetic wall materials used are high quality PP membrane, bring you a fluent writing experience, dustless chalk used with environmental protection, home and is not afraid of being polluted, nanoscale milled technology, formation of high dense iron sub, wipe the surface with the bottom of the magnetic magnetic adsorption, durable don't fall off bubbles. And environmentally friendly, green health certification. Magnetic walls reject mediocrity, refuse to be boring, and be the architect of your own life.