Magnetic Material - Magnetic Ribbon Magnetic Strip Magnetic Tape

- Jan 18, 2020-

Product Description

Production Information:
Magnetic Material - Magnetic Ribbon Magnetic Strip Magnetic Tape  widely used in power distribution trasnformers, intermediate frequency power transformer/invertor, high power switching power supply, pulse transformer, magnetic amplififer, saturated electric transformer, PFC inductor, filter inductor and cores for other products.

Magnetic Properties:
Performance50HZ 1.3T50HZ 1.35T60HZ 1.3T60HZ 1.35T
Loss<0.14 W/kg<0.15 W/kg<0.17 W/kg<0.18 W/kg
Excieting Power<0.17 VA/kg<0.18 VA/kg<0.25 VA/kg<0.30 VA/kg

Technical Characteristics:
* Has a high saturation magnetic density- reduce winding turns and product sizes.
* High resistivity, low coercive force - improving product efficiency.
* Low loss = 1/3 - 1/5 of silicon steel sheet - reducing temperature, improving efficiency.
* Low exciting power - reducing no-load current and noise.
* Variable permeability - meet different application requirements through different annealing.
* Good temperature stability - long-time working under 130oC circumstance