Magnetic whiteboard wall

- Aug 04, 2018-

In the past, the white walls around the house were due to the lack OF materials and spirit. If you don't upgrade the white walls, you are OUT OF DATE. If you're looking for a personal, stylish, creative environment, there's nothing you can't do about changing a wall. Maybe the walls with magnetic whiteboards are refreshing.


There is no lack of reflective white board on the market. Have you ever seen a matte white board? Dumb light, different from bright light, can give a person with the feeling of sedate simple and elegant. The matte white board will look more comfortable and improve the quality of the space to a greater extent. It does not reflect light, does not irritate eyes and does not hurt eyes. And this magnetic white board is odourless without formaldehyde, safe environmental protection, it is the trend of soft home decoration in the future.

Magnetic whiteboard tape is just a "white wall", some people may feel too monotonous, with some color Magnetic shelves, practical and beautiful. White paper doesn't satisfy your desire to lash out, and magnetic white paper can save you. On the whiteboard, you can make a life plan, your child can develop the brain, exercise the ability to draw and write, kill two birds with one stone.


Magnetic whiteboards can be used not only for writing, but also for projection. No need to buy another projection board, just a piece of white board paste to help you immediately save a lot of effort, very efficient and convenient. The appearance of projection whiteboard is one of the highlights of soft decoration design. Because of the different luminescence principles, the projection whiteboard can reduce the damage to the vision of the electronic screen. In general, direct light is more harmful to the eyes, while diffuse reflection is relatively protective to the eyes.

In the age of this individual character, in this reinforced concrete city, the life already so monotonous, the home is decorated without this face "white wall", perhaps can be more boring? Discard boring things and create an amazing soft decoration -- magnetic whiteboard wall.