Magnetic whiteboard or Magnetic chalkboard, which one is better?

- Jul 10, 2019-

Times are changing, and whiteboards are constantly being upgraded. What kind of scenarios do you use what kind of whiteboard? One teacher gave us feedback, and he still prefers magnetic blackboards for the following reasons:

1. Whiteboard marker writing on the whiteboard erases too easily.

2, when writing on the white board, holding the pen posture is the normal writing posture, which is uncomfortable to write in the teaching, and writing on the blackboard is holding the chalk to write, with the brush stroke, to make the handwriting space to achieve a high value!

3, chalk on the blackboard is one of the teachers indispensable teaching AIDS, teaching AIDS are still playing a vital role.

4, whiteboard marker tip is too slippery, writing to borrow force, writing is very laborious.

However, most corporate customers gave us feedback that companies needed magnetic whiteboards.

For example, the office culture wall can use magnetic white board, put photos on the magnetic white board, or print the schedule directly on the white board, and then put the white board on the wall. Such use is convenient, quick, environmental protection tasteless, also can increase the cultural information atmosphere of the office.

In short, everything has two sides and value. Magnetic whiteboards and magnetic blackboards have different requirements in different scenarios and environments, and NEWLIFE MAGNETICS will try to meet customer requirements.