Magnetic whiteboard - gives you a different writing experience

- Apr 30, 2018-

Hey! Ladies, are you still upset about your children's scribbles? Maybe Newlife Magnetic chalkboard can help you. Both at home and in kindergarten, the magnetic chalkboard walls give children a place to draw their imaginations. And the Magnetic chalkboard and the Magnetic whiteboard also passed the testing of China's national building materials center. Mother and teachers are not worried about their children's health, because the production of non-toxic, formaldehyde-free products is our commitment, and the responsibility to consumers is our tenet. You don't have to worry about writing and smudges on the Magnetic chalkboard and on the Magnetic whiteboard on the walls. Newlife's product is a selection of natural rubber, with a thick and durable characteristics, let you easily write, the wall still bright as new.

The Magnetic whiteboard is a Magnetic PET whiteboard membrane. It is suitable for all kinds of walls, such as glass, porcelain plate, metal and plastic. It has the characteristics of free cutting and smooth writing. Give you an unusual experience.