Magnetic white wall, it is very simple to install

- Dec 24, 2018-

When placing an order, a lot of small details and small questions were answered from online customer service. In fact, it was not very difficult to do it. I was able to finish it easily at home.

I got it a few days later. The things were tightly packed, the whiteboard stickers and gadgets, and the gadgets. Roll up white board sticks did not have crinkle to do not have crease, won't affect the effect after going up a wall, can feel the little consideration when the seller delivers goods apparently here.

After reading the tutorial, start installing. Above all, the position that had decided to install probably on the wall, what need to notice is to clean metope to ensure metope slightly level off, lest paste when appear bump uneven. After doing these preparatory work, next is the black magnetic bottom first collage installation on the wall, magnetic bottom paste, white white board film with magnetic bottom also paste. Operation is really not as difficult as imagined in the big, their one hand to complete the foot, a sense of accomplishment.

Basic stick film program to had finished, next, want to develop his little imagination, begin the arrangement of unrestrained and unrestrained style and adornment. Because be the property of magnetic force adsorption, so a few take the small ornament of iron qualitative, photograph frame, freezer to stick to wait for to be able to use above. Put it lightly and it will go up the wall. Easy displacement without worry, when you want to change will not be difficult.

Finally, tried to write a function once, wipe rise very clean, also won't leave dust, it is the small treasure thing that a home decorates truly.