Magnetic wallpaper for children, a good partner for learning and playing

- Aug 25, 2018-

Lively and lovely children, innocent and artless smile, small brain carrying their countless ideas, give them a magnetic children's wallpaper, creative wall wayward play, give the child a good partner to learn and play.

When we were young, we always liked to paint and paint, because the painting was painted on the wall and was scolded by adults. Today's children are not the same, the same like graffiti, but the living environment is different, now as parents, we can provide them with better conditions. Give them a suitable site, they can play, children graffiti wallpaper is a good choice, no benzene, no formaldehyde, children can be used safely.


The line patterns on the wall of the magnetic children are clear and bright, which makes the picture more textured. Children naturally love colorful tones. The attraction of colors is indescribable to them. The painting board of environmental protection health, wall stick all USES environmental protection to have no formaldehyde material, writing is wiped to have no dust, material is friendly, do no harm to human body, the material of green health is protecting the child young and tender small body.

The lively and lovely pet model of the magnetic children's wall, the magnetic material can absorb various magnetic decoration accessories, parents can decorate a parent-child activity wall together with children, increase the interaction between parents and children and get along with them, spend more time with the growth of children and participate in their childhood.

Magnetic child wall is stuck can be applied in a variety of scene, children room, study, sitting room, can install arbitrarily. Magnetic suction structure, no glue and no nail. Apply to paint metope, tile metope, wooden metope and glass metope.

Magnetic good home also supports magnetic wallpaper customization, wallpaper size customization according to the requirements, wall paste type installation, does not occupy ground space. Magnetic wallpaper customization is flexible and practical, and can be combined with innovation or custom-made.

Magnetic children wallpaper can bear weight, small thing can go up a wall easily, can receive already, can have the effect of metope adornment again.

Magnetic wallpaper for children, give children a good partner to learn and play, with children grow up slowly.