Magnetic wallpaper

- Jan 08, 2019-

The wall of the home is traditional white wall, but I had looked to be bored already, sometimes hard to avoid feels the home is short of a few angry. Some small cracks were found in the wall, which bothered me, because it really affected the appearance. After several twists and turns, my friend introduced me to consider using magnetic wall stickers. After in-depth understanding, I found that the practicality and decoration of magnetic wall stickers are both available, which is exactly what I want.


Magnetic wall stickers refresh my understanding of home wall decoration. After receiving the wall film, I can't wait to paste it up, and it is not difficult to operate. Clean the wall before paste, so as to avoid the problem of blister, and paste a lot of them.

I feel gray cool industry wind lets a person look to feel calm, contracted, quietly elegant, suit the Europe type of my home very much decorate, whole space style appears calm and comfortable, won't noisy, color and lamplight and decorate conflate to also compare nature, added a sweet feeling.

In a short time, the whole wall had been pasted up. The fit of the corner position is very good, but also can be arbitrary cutting, even if the redundant place can also cut their own.


Magnetic wall paste can provide enough adsorption, and will not affect the use of human body and electronic products, and at the same time can do the role of absorption. Shelving can accommodate odds and ends, such as keys and nail clippers, and is easy to access.

This wall sticker can also be used to write with water-soluble chalk without leaving any marks. It is suitable for children to draw graffiti on it. It is also a good choice to use it as a photo wall, recording full of memories and warmth.