Magnetic TV background wall

- Feb 04, 2019-

TV setting wall is the key project in the family is decorated all the time.There must be a TV in the living room, facing the sofa.Such TV setting wall can make the position of very conspicuous in the sitting room.The family that carries out new house to decorate these two years already showed the trend that gets younger apparently, this kind of youth likes innovation, like individual character, like to make the feeling of extraordinary.


The magnetic background wall we used this time was provided by NEWLIFE, which is a double-layered magnetic structure.NEWLIFE's magnetic backwalls are sturdy and beautiful, in keeping with the tastes of modern youth.Many different styles can be matched at will.

Because the customer has always stressed that they want to do a different TV background wall, we recommend this magnetic TV background wall to the customer.After the wall construction was completed, the customer was very satisfied.Because the setting wall of this kind of magnetism structure not only can change easily, still can write doodle above, to the youth that likes make public individual character, this kind is full of change, still can DIY metope is decorated, it is the most suitable did not get.

NEWLIFE magnetic TV background wall, from the designers strongly recommended!