Magnetic Todolist

- Dec 27, 2018-

Hello, everyone. I'm a magnetic TODOLIST. That's right. Don't doubt it's me -- the magnetic wall is talking. The intelligent me was born in NEWLIFE. I found myself quite popular with my colleagues and a little shy now. Do you find it strange that I should say I am popular? No explanation, let the picture speak, is what you call "picture is truth".


I -- magnetic TODOLIST in the office is the existence of a work compass. The main function is to provide direction for the layout of office culture wall, assist colleagues in their daily work, and improve their office efficiency. Work schedule, communication template and KPI achievement table are all on the same magnetic culture wall. No problem!

Magnetic wall material, three-layer structure, support to adjust at any time, adapt to the company's changeable implementation plan, convenient for leaders to track the progress of the project at any time. You know how popular I am when you see the neat little stickers on my body? This kind of office culture wall layout is used to transform invisible work into visual progress and realize project progress transparency.

Let me sum up my characteristics: beautiful, practical, convenient. And that's not all. For example, all the cultural wall materials I used are in line with the eu environmental protection standards, which are environmentally friendly. I also have a feature is to save trouble. Don't look at me so big, in fact, the installation is very simple, no need to nail on the wall, just need a paste on the completion.