magnetic shelf, a new toy on the wall

- Jul 28, 2018-

A wall, just a flat surface, flat, smooth. Want to show lifelike stereo world on the plane, present mysterious stereo effect, break the invariable of traditional wall, bring new visual feeling, make a person pass a look unforgettable? Put on a magnetic shelf, play a variety of home decoration.

Let metope no longer drab, simple adornment delicate life. Even a small set of Magnetic stickers can make a difference. English letters can be channeled to play a love confession, flowers and animals patterns can be arranged a secret garden, tableware dessert patterns can be placed a mini feast The Magnetic Sticker doesn't apply only to refrigerator doors, but also to Magnetic surfaces such as Magnetic walls.


Magnetic shelf is changeful, play method is diversiform, beautiful receive two not wrong. Newlife has several magnetic shelves with both the appearance level and strength: magnetic cloud-shaped ones stick to the Nordic principle of simple design, with soft and concise lines, but they can support the whole wall space with vitality. Ins wind and moon shaped object rack, moon and star shape design, full of sharp edges and corners, sleek, simple and creative, better space. These magnetic shelves can hold a weight of about 1-2kg, and have no problem placing simple accessories and keys.