Magnetic schedule, good helper at work

- May 31, 2018-

In the past two years, with the expanding of the company, we work of the Marketing Department is also increasingly busy, feel every day several times meeting summary plan once to know what you should do next. Increased but the meeting is also accompanied by the emergence of a question, every colleague is just the record of his own work, but most of the time don't know other colleagues work plan, thus resulting in a lot of coordination in the practical work on the problem. Faced with such situation, the leadership after reviewed a variety of solutions, finally decided to adopt a seems to be the most simple way to purchase a "magnetic schedule", also referred to as "magnetic calendar".


This is a piece of work schedule can paste on the wall, don't like those who need support board and the other takes up space, which is inherently limited space for us in the meeting room is really is the perfect partner. This magnetic schedule evenly split on the 30 small division, reserved area besides can clearly fill in the date, completely enough above the main job of extracted dear colleagues, let everybody can be clear at a glance. In addition, this work schedule is magnetic, and we can stick something in the box of a certain date to mark the important time points.

With the magnetic schedule, I glance over at the work every morning, we made clear their own work content and unplanned, colleagues also know the other colleagues work arrangements, many problems can be found early, early communication, solve ahead of time, is really a good helper of our work. Some might say, planning for some time span bigger, a table may be not enough, I want to say is this is can paste magnetic schedule, not occupy space, one is not enough, we stick is more than a few pieces.