Magnetic schedule

- Jun 09, 2018-

As a work at home all day, advantage is to save the "traffic jam" time spent commuting, disadvantage is the lack of work with a bunch of atmosphere, without tension, so a lot of time work is a bit like a headless fly, you don't know what you should do next. Someone mentioned the opinion that can use the phone calendar to remind function, but the problem is that the function only solved let I know what I should do today, but can't let me have a clear work plan for the next few days. But when I met the magnetic schedule, everything changed.


When the "Top Manager" of my family know my troubles, she searched online for a few hours of relevant materials, then she decided to install a magnetic whiteboard in my work desk right in front of the wall, the "top manager" make the magnetic whiteboard into a "magnetic schedule". First of all, this magnetic schedule is very convenient to install. It can be glued together in a few steps. It has been evenly divided good form, can fill in on a specific date and main work contents every day, in my opinion, it is more like a magnetic form wall stick, calling it "magnetic work schedule" is only relative to my specific purposes.

Since the magnetic sheet, clear a lot of my work plan, will be a lot of work content according to the date written in the form, on the one hand can I wake up each day to know that the work of the day, on the other hand for the follow-up work arrangement can too be clear at a glance, unlike old to flipping through the mobile phone to confirm before, easily distracted. In addition, since this magnetic worksheet is magnetic, I can put one or two small magnetic accessories on some important work nodes to remind myself.