Magnetic projection whiteboard

- Aug 30, 2018-

Weekend vacation, hot summer day, want to see a movie eat delicious meal, go out afraid of the sun, at home afraid of dull. Nowadays, many people are keen to create a home movie and music space. It is not impossible to realize a private theater at home. Put a magnetic projection whiteboard and write the projection.

Magnetic projection whiteboard can be regarded as a writing projection whiteboard. Can regard as one side adornment wall affix at ordinary times, can write a record on above, set working plan table, flow chart of a day, or it is graffiti draw, bring a bit vivid breath to the metope in the home. The function of magnetic adsorption also can absorb a few small article, accomplish wall to receive, increase the utility of the space. The white wall of projection wall is composed of matte PET film and rubber magnetic sole, which brings comfortable writing experience and can realize the interactive communication of projection. The projection white board wall paste is equipped with the projector to use, in the home any wall plane can complete the installation, creates the exclusive home theater. Wide screen film, clear texture, you can lie on your soft sofa, blow cool air conditioning, drink homemade fruit juice and eat snacks, and enjoy movie and TV works with your beloved family, bringing fresh and comfortable experience, and spend a lazy holiday like this. Can write projection whiteboard to achieve a dual use, spend a share of the price, can enjoy two different functions, save trouble and money.


NEWLIFE also supports the customization of magnetic projection whiteboards, which can be customized according to the client's space. You can customize as much as you want. As long as the size is measured, the rest can be left to the magneto home for you. Wait to get wall paste, oneself install a little bit to be able to complete, even decorate a master to also need not to ask, installation is simple, via video or customer service course can achieve. The customization of the magnetic projection whiteboard takes into account the different needs of each family and also gives customers a variety of choices to fully improve space utilization.