Magnetic Pocket-- A smart product to place your little objects.

- May 17, 2018-

NEWLIFE`s product, magnetic pocket is designed for customers to place little obejcts, such as pen, pencil, scissors, eraser, knife and so on.

The back of the pocket is our high quality rubber magnet with strong power. they can be sticked on iron fridge door, iron office cabinet and other magnet receptive surface. They are also a popular accessory with our magnetic whiteboard and chalkboard.

To better satisfy the customers demands, we develped below diffrent hot items for you to choose:

First is the most popular magnetic pocket:

Magnetic sheeting with transparent PVC (  Newlife use the best processing technology for combine the magnet and pocket)

Advantage: flexible, light, visible and economic, several sizes for clients.


Second is our new and hot magnetic adjustable storage box.

Instead of using flexible PVC, it is magnetic sheeting combined with ABS material.

Advantage: stable, adjustable on the storage space, colorful, stronger holding strength.


More magnetic products for holding and organize objects, pls check our products volume or contact us!