Magnetic picture frame, dynamic display of family happiness

- Apr 27, 2018-

Every family likes to take some pictures to keep their happy smile. But as time goes on, family members change, and age increases, and so on, and we need our pictures to be able to follow this change and present a dynamic effect. The magnetic frame is such a dynamic display system.


The magnetic frame and the magnetic wall can achieve the effect of this dynamic display. The back of the magnetic frame is magnetic base, which can be firmly attached to the surface of the magnetic wall. General frames need to be fixed in a fixed way, such as nails or stents to be fixed on the wall. These methods will destroy the structure of the wall, and when the frame is removed, it will leave ugly marks on the wall.

But the magnetic picture frame does not leave any trace on the wall, the magnetic picture frame can be fixed on the surface of the magnetic wall, and can be replaced at will. Home decoration also can't always remain the same, with the help of magnetic accessories and magnetic frame, you can easily change a decorative style for the walls of your home.