Magnetic photo wall, show your creativity

- Nov 03, 2018-

Are you still worried about the wall decoration? Magnetic photo wall, refresh your imagination on the wall decoration.

Traditional wall paint to brush the wall more time, and a large amount of work, the use of wallpaper and worry that the aging of adhesive will fall down, even affect the original wall structure, loss of beauty. Why not try installing a magnetic wall and iron frame? Back magnetic adsorption, can be easily adsorbed in the magnetic wall, writing board and iron cabinet surface, say goodbye to the original picture frame installation method, free of glue and nail, easy installation, and free combination as it wishes to move. No benzene, no formaldehyde, health assured.

Office chalkboard combined with magnetic diy wall paste, can also be turned into a corner office wall of a beautiful landscape oh! The replacement rate of corporate culture wall is high, traditional corporate culture wall is mostly single-layer disposable printed matter, but need to be installed in the wall office blackboard, can change the above content as desired. Magnetic diy wall stick directly on the adsorption of type of magnetic decorative products such as wall, move any combination, instantly make office environment to upgrade, can also be interactive cooperation, by employees participate in the construction of office environment, give them the opportunity to participate in the construction of magnetic photo wall, you can ask the staff to collect smile from the pictures, or the beautiful landscapes, combined into a magnetic photo wall, in this way, can let the everyone feel companies for their attention, also can from a certain extent, to increase the cohesion of staff, strengthen the construction of the team. When everyone makes concerted efforts to participate in the above free play, this creative blackboard wall is atmospheric, fashionable and practical. Or, this office blackboard can be used as the small corner of the corporate image construction. The core idea and the slogan of the company can be displayed, so that the guests who come and go can see it and the employees in the office can keep these beliefs in mind every day.


Creative blackboard wall can write not only, still can bear heavy, can combine a few small receive to wear use, come so, metope is a drab plane no longer, stereo use space, improved use rate effectively.