Magnetic photo wall makes your home attractive

- May 01, 2018-

I want to be a photo wall, but I don't want to make a hole in the wall. What should I do? Many people may opt for a variety of pasted hooks, and now there is a way to avoid this annoyance. Make a magnetic wall and use a few small magnets to keep the pictures firmly on the wall. Some of the magnetic walls also have whiteboard functions that can be scrawled on the wall at will. Is it attractive to have a wall that allows you to use your imagination?

Last year, a friend of mine made a magnetic wall when decorating a new house, and because of her personal interest in painting, the wall became her "work" display wall. "Other walls can't be as easy to change as a magnetic wall." "The magnetic walls can also use magnets or a magnetic photo frame to take pictures, so you don't have to make holes in the walls," she said. "it's very convenient to replace them at any time."

If you want to create a magnetic wall, when doing wall decoration, first brush a layer of Newlife magnetic paint on the wall, then brush a layer of white paint, so that it won't affect its beauty.


If you don't have a magnetic wall when decorating your house, you can also create a magnetic wall after checking in. You can put Newlife Magbase on the wall, with a layer of magnetic wallpaper or a magnetic whiteboard. It's like having a giant whiteboard in your home that can be installed in a children's room.

This magnetic photo wall set the photo wall, the picture wall, graffiti wall, message boards, and other functions of magnetic wall is very popular with young people, especially families with children in the home, but also is interested in give children to create a space for imagination. If you want to have a magnetic wall, contact our sales!