Magnetic photo wall design, improve the grade and not hurt the wall

- Mar 05, 2019-

Look at the metope of all colors in the home, whether feel the atmosphere in the home is too onefold without style. Always want to do photograph wall design on the metope in the home, raise the adornment emotional appeal in the home. But the use of ordinary frame to make a photo wall to use nails to install the wall, the extent of damage is too large. Do you have such concerns? Then you can choose NEWLIFE magnetic frame to make the photo wall, NEWLIFE magnetic frame is made up of back rubber substrate and magnetic surface layer, is a kind of frame can be stick on the wall.

Each photo is a good memory. Photograph wall is the place that will these memories gather together, should stick magnetic photograph frame and photograph only on one side wall, can make its become wall of photograph of one side rich emotional appeal, still beautified a space at the same time.

Magnetic photo wall design is the most basic point is the density, do not all frame neatly stacked together, and learn to hang a celebrity painting no difference. Use the difference feeling that the frame of size differs produces, plus dimensional interval, such photograph wall just can appear beautiful atmosphere.

The frame of magnetic photo wall can be placed together with some different shapes, but the general shape should be the same. If there is a different shape in the middle, it will be very prominent. For example, in this photo wall, adding the heart shape has the effect of making the finishing point, but not too much.

The picture wall with different color frames will also show a special sense of stagger, so that the whole picture wall is not monotonous, and different pictures can be distinguished.

Part of among them photograph frame space is a bit farther, form the effect that two sides photograph wall are put together also is very wonderful, such practice not only won't appear the photograph of a wall is too much, and also appear very chic.

NEWLIFE's double-layer magnetic photo frame is a photo frame that can be pasted directly on the wall without nails. Compared with the traditional hanging frame, the damage to the wall is almost zero, which is the perfect frame for the design of the photo wall.