Magnetic paint transforms the walls into note boards

- Mar 04, 2019-

When the family is decorated, those who use most or coating. In the past two years, with more and more imported coatings entering the market, there are more and more new coatings with special functions, which show common things in unusual ways to people in unexpected ways.

Should wander to building materials market only one circle, you can discover: the wall should not have a kind of function only, choose a few to take "specific function" functional coating, the muti-function wall that shake one's body changes can let a space design have more convenient sex and imagination. For example, after children daub graffiti on the wall, they can wipe it off easily, or even evolve into a "blackboard" that can make chalk doodle repeatedly. Just like the "magnetic sticker" on the refrigerator door, you can have a whole wall of unfettered notes to remind you of daily life. Or it is the effect of distinctive artistic texture, let wall no longer drab.

"Blackboard wall" that can be written 

The kids always like to graffiti on the wall, cleaning has become the most headache for parents. Then, scrub convenient "blackboard lacquer" arise at the historic moment. This kind can draw at will, swabbed "blackboard lacquer", basically be the problem that causes pollution on the wall easily to develop to solve children to be innocent and active to come out newly newly, the lacquer face effect after besmear is brushed resembles blackboard same brightness and easy to swab.

Magnetic "sticky note wall"

Children's enlightenment education more and more get the attention of parents, so the home became the earliest children enlightenment education base, some businesses launched "magnetic paint" became the first choice for many parents, after besmear brushs added magnetic coating factor, iron toys can be adsorbed on the wall, children can piece together an arbitrary pattern, give full play to the imagination and creativity.

The "MAGNETIC paint" made by NEWLIFE MAGNETIC works to harness the imagination and creativity of children and serves as a wall of notes for parents. This is a special purpose indoor water-based paint with magnetic film, which can be adsorbed by magnetic substances, just like the door of a refrigerator. "In addition to grey, its surface can be painted with other colors (adsorption will be slightly affected); And construction is very simple, 1 coating can supply enough pull force, the paint film of the last paint does not want too thick, lest reduce magnetism.