Magnetic office chalkboard

- Sep 15, 2018-

When it comes to the blackboard, what scene comes to mind first? Many people think of the classroom should be reading time, teachers write on the blackboard teaching. But now the blackboard has not only used in education aspect alone, even the home, the office place also gradually obtains the application. Magnetic office blackboard gives you unexpected surprise.


Now tall building bristly, the office environment of most company is more airtight, ventilated differ make to order very good, and the requirement to dimensional use is higher also. A mature company in a high-end office building chose to install magnetic office chalkboards in the office space, which surprised both the boss and the employees. Installed "NEWLIFE" magnetic office blackboard, simple and practical, do not use chemical paint is to reduce the use of worry, tasteless and non-toxic, we can rest assured to go to work. It can be put into use as soon as it is installed. It doesn't need to be empty and wait for air drying to taste like the newly renovated site, and it also saves some time cost to some extent. And the size of the magnetic office chalkboard can also be customized and cut, making full use of every foot of space resources. With an office blackboard, you can write notes at the time of the daily meeting. It is convenient for everyone to watch and communicate.


Office blackboards are not only convenient for daily use, but also can light up the dreary office environment. The blackboard with dark tonal and other drab decorate form intense contrast, integral style becomes lively rise, the employee goes to work also can have power more.

Make the wall a blackboard, but also won't lose the original wall characteristic, at the same time make it a writing can draw record panel, one thing is multi-purpose. It is not difficult to decorate the chalkboard wall. The space for employees to play can be turned into message area, photo wall or art painting to write the company's concept and slogan and promote the company culture. Or choose to put some light decorative items or practical items on the magnetic board shelf or partition wall for easy access.

With an office chalkboard, add a touch of beauty to the normal office and surprise you.