Magnetic map customization

- May 01, 2018-

Magnetic maps are not just for children. In the home decoration, how to let the household style do not fall into the convention, is a lot of people common desire. The world is in the home, the home has the world. Newlife magnetic map customized wall stickers can be customized and matched with the overall color style of the home. Although the magnetic map has a high level of appearance, it is not the only advantage it has.



Magnetic map customization is more intuitive than normal maps and makes us more aware of the world. The magnetic map can be directly attached to the wall, easy and easy to disassemble. A large number of magnetic accessories can be used in conjunction with a magnetic map. Decorating the white wall is also a good choice.

For families with children in their homes, magnetic maps are designed to be more consistent with the concept of education. Let the baby know the world from childhood, and help the baby to know the world in a subtle way, which is not only the geography knowledge, but also can broaden the horizon, and let the baby have a broader view of the world. Magnetic adsorption makes the map a toy, remembering the contours of the world in the process of picking and pasting.