Magnetic map

- Jan 04, 2019-

The exploration and cognition of the world, to go to school to need to take a geography examination, to go out of the house to measure every step of the world every footprint, all cannot leave the map. It can be said that as the most important tool of learning career, map is not only a stepping stone for children to know the world, but also a golden key for people to learn historical geography and open the humanities. Magnetic map, a can take you around the national geographic novel interesting treasures.

A good magnetic map must have the same geographical knowledge as a normal map, but also be able to have more malleable functions. For example, magnetic adsorption can be combined with refrigerator stickers, magnetic stickers and iron small items to use, decoration and beautification function is also available, but also to write, sometimes make some small notes on it, easy to record, wipe up without traces, no dust, easy to use, environmental protection and health. In this way, when children play, they can also gain some knowledge imperceptibly and learn something useful in play, which is more conducive to their growth. The effect of high-quality magnetic maps is often amazing, from the printing process to the use of the process, it should have something extraordinary. The map can clearly see the geographical area and urban layout of the whole country, with clear picture quality.