Magnetic enterprise culture wall

- Jan 08, 2019-

2019 has arrived, how to continue to create fresh energy in the company fan? In fact, a customized magnetic culture wall is enough! In November 2018, yum China holdings co., one of China's leading catering companies, began preparing its corporate culture wall. Yum China is committed to making customers' lives more enjoyable. Yum China also adheres to this attitude when it comes to the treatment of employees, hoping that employees can be full of energy to face different challenges in life and work.


What material does company culture wall use commonly? NEWLIFE recommends a magnetic corporate culture wall. Magnetic characteristics, support at any time and arbitrary adsorption and take off, for employees DIY culture wall company to provide convenience. Customized magnetic culture wall can provide a template for employees to create, and then let employees give full play to their creativity, for its decoration, for the whole customized magnetic culture wall added a lot of fun and three-dimensional sense. Employees participate in it, happy, office enthusiasm is also virtually encouraged.


What products are used in the company culture wall? Do you know the answer now? Magnetic corporate culture wall will make the best use of office walls, do not waste space, but also to create a 3D wall, highlight the potential of vibrant. One side of the magnetic corporate culture wall with vitality represents the external spiritual outlook and internal fighting spirit of the enterprise. Want energy? Come to NEWLIFE to build a magnetic culture wall!