Magnetic Enterprise culture wall

- Aug 31, 2018-

In everybody's impression, the style of company culture wall is slant commerce is sedate, such design lets a person easily feel staid and restrained. Mr Magneto, who has years of experience making cultural walls, knows these customers' pain points. The goal of NEWLIFE is to use innovative technology and avant-garde design to find its own magnetic culture wall for different corporate customers.


After communicating with the customer, NEWLIFE understands that the customer wants to decorate the reading corner in the company with the corporate culture wall, set off the bookcase, and render the good atmosphere that the employees love reading and studying. Therefore, the production of this cultural wall adopts a clear grey and red template, which is equipped with corporate philosophy, mission, culture and products, etc., and the bookcase at the bottom serves as a foil to each other, so that the cultural atmosphere of the enterprise is vividly displayed.

Look, isn't it lovely to have a magnetic chalet on the wall? The "childlike innocence" of the client can also be seen from this. One of the advantages of the magnetic culture wall is that you can choose the magnetic wall decoration as you like, and you can turn it into a 3D culture wall by putting it on lightly. This corporate culture wall or a mobile culture wall, special double-layer magnetic design, no nail and no glue, simple combination can change the style, isn't it cool?

The corporate culture wall designed by NEWLIFE well meets the needs of customers, presents the desired effect of customers, and is unanimously recognized by the company. Each customer's favorite is the recognition of NEWLIFE's magnetic culture wall.

It is not difficult to make a culture wall, but hard to think carefully and realize the needs of customers. NEWLIFE magnetic mobile culture wall is carefully considered for the customer, thought for the customer, only for the customer's love. It's not just an icon who can "be salty or sweet," but your corporate culture wall. Come to NEWLIFE and create a magnetic culture wall online for both level of appearance and style.