Magnetic door curtain

- Mar 09, 2019-

Magnetic door curtain has the advantages of beautiful and novel, no noise, convenient access, low price, good closure, excellent anti-mosquito effect, etc., which can be widely used in families, restaurants, hotels, offices, hospitals and other places.


Advantages of magnetic door curtain:

1, magnetic door curtain high heat resistance (up to 160 ℃), cold (low up to - 30 ℃), resistant to strong acid, alkali, pressure resistant, antistatic, shock resistance, good tensile resistance, anti-aging, pervious to light, long service life;

2. Magnetic door curtain is light and soft, safe and convenient to use.

3, magnetic door curtain for the restaurant can reduce the cost of cleaning, add elegant and beautiful restaurant.

4, magnetic curtain can combine curtain strips into one stable part