Magnetic DIY accessory wall

- May 12, 2018-

Last month, NEWLIFE created a magnetic DIY accessory wall for CITIC bank.


According to the requirement of the CITIC bank for the custom made a magnetic grey wall, with a different theme of service evaluation, also realize the function of erasable write, convenient instant record customer feedback, and reduce the unnecessary waste of paper. For such service company like CITIC bank, customers are always the most important. As the customer service department with the most contact with customers, it is very important to directly feedback the service evaluation column of the customer's opinion.


In addition, the magnetic-absorption function of the magnetic DIY accessory wall also solves a series of office problems for citic bank. The magnetic parts can be well replaced with notices and posters without extra glue and nails. A person can according to the content and the urgency level, in the magnetic DIY accessory wall random move and replace the template and the body parts, the efficiency is very high.

With the magnetic picture frame, you can attach the department's warm photo to the prominent position of the magnetic DIY accessories wall, and increase the harmonious atmosphere of the office. When you feel the office tone is too monotonous, you can use a magnetic shelf to put on a few dishes of succulent plants and greens, and put on a few shiny department trophies. Even with a few colorful, layered modern paintings on a magnetic shelf, the entire magnetic grey board is instantly rich and interesting.