Magnetic Displays

- Nov 21, 2019-

By Olivia Cahoon

Snap connectors or magnets are used to build pop up banner stands. Magnets allow for easy setup, offer durability, and attach the print to the frame. These displays are used in conventions, exhibitions, trade shows, and even retail. Here we provide information on available magnetic pop up banner stands.

Pop Up Banner Stands

Birttani Display Inc. released the Surgir Magnetic Pop Up Display in October 2012. It’s available in flat or curved configuration and features a minimum graphic size of 89.17 inches and a maximum of 145.09×89.17 inches. It requires one person for setup and includes magnetic connectors and plastic fasteners for extra hold. The framework is aluminum with two removable feet for added support. The Surgir includes one roll of Velcro for graphic attachment and one soft trolley bag. The Velcro band is sewed onto fabric media and attached on the frame’s Velcro. According to the company, the display ranges from $165 to $531.

Released in 2015, the Expolinc Magnet Frame is compatible with any media that is pliable with some rigidity. It has a minimum dimension of 15×63 inches and a maximum of 24×70 inches—weighing between eight and 12 pounds. It is available at a starting price of $165. Expolinc also offers the Pop Up Magnetic—a magnetic display that allows users to combine structures and build custom environments. The display is offered in straight and curved structures with a maximum size of 137×87.5 inches. All parts of the display are assembled without tools and each structure stands by itself.

MT Displays LLC offers Pop-Up with Magnetic—a standard display for large graphic displays. It features a maximum size of 3×6 feet and a minimum dimension of 2×2 feet. The 3×4-foot model weighs 55.80 pounds and is transported with a roto-molded plastic carry bag, although a hard-case carry bag is optional. Lights for the display are available upon request. Magnetic strips and buttons are provided on the aluminum pop up frames. Counter magnets are applied on the back of the rigid poster backing to complete the display.

North America Display Corporation’s Serpentine Wave Tube Display features two aluminum curved ten-foot frames, 42 magnetic channel bars, ten graphic panels, four 150 watt halogen lights, and two oval shipping cases/counters with wheels and graphic wraps. The package has a dimension of 240×90 inches and weighs 160 pounds. According to the company the Serpentine Wave Tube Display is available at a wholesale price of $1,999.

Orbus Exhibit & Display Group released the Xclaim Fabric Pop Up system in January 2015. It includes a range of sizes from a five-foot square tabletop to 20×8-foot inline back walls. The lightweight magnetic collapsible frame is ideal for quick set up and pack away. The Xclaim is compatible with silicone edge fabric attached to hubs on the frame and weighs up to 17 pounds. Graphics can be attached in a variety of configurations.

Tex Visions released the Pop Up Magnet Curved portable display in 2015. It features a maximum size of 10.9×7.3 feet and a minimum size of 9.4×7.3 feet. The display is compatible with lightweight PVC sheeting. The aluminum frame folds out and connects with magnets. Pre-attached magnetic strips fasten to the frame for easy setup. LED or halogen lights in black or gray can be added. The 9.4×7.3-foot display weighs 12 pounds at a wholesale price of $690.71.

Assembled with Ease

Pop up magnetic banner displays allow for quick assembly. Available in straight and curved designs, these displays offer functionality and variety. With the use of magnets, users can assemble pop up banner displays without the use of tools.