Magnetic colored chalkboard wall covering

- Jun 06, 2019-

The home is a place that people stays longer, put a colored magnetic chalkboard wall covering on your wall is a good solution make your home brighter, add a few fun to your life. NEWLIFE's colorful magnetic chalk film helps you create a magnetic wallpaper in your living room.


Your families and friends can leave messages, draw pictures and write words of encouragement on the magnetic chalkboard wall. You can also use your little creativity to post your photos on it and turn the walls into a beautiful backdrop for your living room. If you live alone, you can make a life plan with this wet erased magnetic wallpaper. the bright color of the Colorful magnetic chalkboard  can give you a good mood and physical vitality, just like the warm light in the winter, encourage yourself to keep moving forward.

Magnetic chalk wall covering USES high-density Flexible Steel material, which is magnetic and durable. Magnetic chalk wall with magnetic adsorption function, it can help you easily post magnetic products on it, for example  magnetic shelf, the magnetic shelf can take 1-2kg weight. One day if you have a new hobby, the magnetic products can be arbitrarily replaced or removed, and it do not hurt the wall. Magnetic blackboard wall, brighten the color of life, bring you to meet the better life.