Magnetic color wet erased sheet

- Jan 25, 2019-

When ferial life is insipid, the pressure of the life is in overhead pressure, maintaining everyday changeless go to work to go off work, rush about in becoming numb. After coming off work a day busy work, return home, want to get warm rest moment, be inferior to decorate the home sweet and comfortable, the longing that writes oneself New Year on domestic blackboard wall and plan, set a little target, fight for it.


In my own room, I set up a magnetic double-layer wet erasable sheet on the  wall. It is very simple to post it. I install the wall by myself. Built with one hand and one foot, it is stable and reliable, and the durability of this magnetic color erased sheet does not fall off for more than 5 years. Every time I see the flag set on the wall of the family chalkboard, it can remind me to be in the regular track, in an orderly way according to the pace, full of power.

The color of magnetic wet erased sheet is more and more diversiform, not just drab black and white, ash, pink, yellow, green... Bold use color suits very much now people diversiform demand and changeful individual character pursuit, everybody can have the colour that belongs to oneself.  This magnetic malachite blue chalkboard color is relatively rare in ordinary times, but I liked it at a glance. With this magnetic double-layer chalkboard, not only can be decorated, practical is also very strong. It's really convenient to write on and clean off with no marks. Sometimes do a arithmetic on it, draw a little illustration, but also do not have a flavor. It also can help save the space.